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This blog is born with the intention to became a collection of phrases, advices, thoughts, aphorisms and pearls of wisdom that I have caught from lectures, books and online post. It can be seen as a self-reference e-notecard system. More about what a notecard system is can be found in an admirably post by Ryan Holiday.

Addicted readers, must have a look to his blog.

I have chosen an electronic version for different reasons:

  1. It is really fast to find something
  2. Can be shared
  3. You can keep it with you pretty much everywhere
  4. Resist much better to bad weather ;)

In addition, I share some of my books reviews, translations of scientific papers or external posts and my personal art gallery.

English and italian contents differ! The language is the same as the one that the book was written. Only in some cases I translate one version in order to have the post in both languages.

Recent Books Reviews

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The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma - 02 Oct 2017

Kombucha - 06 Sep 2017

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Recent Summaries

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La Grande Via - 29 May 2017

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Recent Translations

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